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Metamorphism (computer science)
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In computer programming, an anamorphism is a function that generates a sequence by repeated application of the function to its previous result. You begin with some value A and apply a function f to it
In category theory, the concept of catamorphism (from the Ancient Greek: κατά "downwards" and μορφή "form, shape") denotes the unique homomorphism from an initial algebra into some other algebra. In f
In formal methods of computer science, a paramorphism (from Greek παρά, meaning "close together") is an extension of the concept of catamorphism first introduced by Lambert Meertens to deal with a for
Hylomorphism (computer science)
In computer science, and in particular functional programming, a hylomorphism is a recursive function, corresponding to the composition of an anamorphism (which first builds a set of results; also kno
In formal methods of computer science, an apomorphism (from ἀπό — Greek for "apart") is the categorical dual of a paramorphism and an extension of the concept of anamorphism (coinduction). Whereas a p