Category: Real closed field

Real closed field
In mathematics, a real closed field is a field F that has the same first-order properties as the field of real numbers. Some examples are the field of real numbers, the field of real algebraic numbers
Superreal number
In abstract algebra, the superreal numbers are a class of extensions of the real numbers, introduced by and W. Hugh Woodin as a generalization of the hyperreal numbers and primarily of interest in non
Standard part function
In nonstandard analysis, the standard part function is a function from the limited (finite) hyperreal numbers to the real numbers. Briefly, the standard part function "rounds off" a finite hyperreal t
Nonstandard analysis
The history of calculus is fraught with philosophical debates about the meaning and logical validity of fluxions or infinitesimal numbers. The standard way to resolve these debates is to define the op
Hyperreal number
In mathematics, the system of hyperreal numbers is a way of treating infinite and infinitesimal (infinitely small but non-zero) quantities. The hyperreals, or nonstandard reals, *R, are an extension o
Real closed ring
In mathematics, a real closed ring (RCR) is a commutative ring A that is a subring of a product of real closed fields, which is closed under continuous semi-algebraic functions defined over the intege
Surreal number
In mathematics, the surreal number system is a totally ordered proper class containing the real numbers as well as infinite and infinitesimal numbers, respectively larger or smaller in absolute value