Category: Proof theorists

Paul Lorenzen
Paul Lorenzen (March 24, 1915 – October 1, 1994) was a German philosopher and mathematician, founder of the Erlangen School (with Wilhelm Kamlah) and inventor of game semantics (with Kuno Lorenz).
Gaisi Takeuti
Gaisi Takeuti (竹内 外史, Takeuchi, Gaishi, January 25, 1926 – May 10, 2017) was a Japanese mathematician, known for his work in proof theory. After graduating from Tokyo University, he went to Princeton
Jan Śleszyński
Ivan Vladislavovich Sleshinsky or Jan Śleszyński (Russian: Иван Владиславович Слешинский) (23 July 1854 – 9 March 1931) was a Polish-Russian mathematician. He was born in Lysianka, Russian Empire to P
Jacques Herbrand
Jacques Herbrand (12 February 1908 – 27 July 1931) was a French mathematician. Although he died at age 23, he was already considered one of "the greatest mathematicians of the younger generation" by h
William Craig (philosopher)
William Craig (November 13, 1918 – January 13, 2016) was an American academic and philosopher, who taught at the University of California, Berkeley, in Berkeley, California. His research interests inc