Category: Program logic

Separation logic
In computer science, separation logic is an extension of Hoare logic, a way of reasoning about programs.It was developed by John C. Reynolds, Peter O'Hearn, Samin Ishtiaq and Hongseok Yang, drawing up
Hoare logic
Hoare logic (also known as Floyd–Hoare logic or Hoare rules) is a formal system with a set of logical rules for reasoning rigorously about the correctness of computer programs. It was proposed in 1969
Interference freedom
In computer science, interference freedom is a technique for proving partial correctness ofconcurrent programs with shared variables. Hoare logic had been introduced earlierto prove correctness of seq
Predicate transformer semantics
Predicate transformer semantics were introduced by Edsger Dijkstra in his seminal paper "Guarded commands, nondeterminacy and formal derivation of programs". They define the semantics of an imperative