Category: Probability bounds analysis

Upper and lower probabilities
Upper and lower probabilities are representations of imprecise probability. Whereas probability theory uses a single number, the probability, to describe how likely an event is to occur, this method u
Probability box
A probability box (or p-box) is a characterization of uncertain numbers consisting of both aleatoric and epistemic uncertainties that is often used in risk analysis or quantitative uncertainty modelin
Probability bounds analysis
Probability bounds analysis (PBA) is a collection of methods of uncertainty propagation for making qualitative and quantitative calculations in the face of uncertainties of various kinds. It is used t
Credal set
A credal set is a set of probability distributions or, more generally, a set of (possibly finitely additive) probability measures. A credal set is often assumed or constructed to be a closed convex se
Applications of p-boxes and probability bounds analysis
P-boxes and probability bounds analysis have been used in many applications spanning many disciplines in engineering and environmental science, including: * Engineering design * Expert elicitation
Fréchet inequalities
In probabilistic logic, the Fréchet inequalities, also known as the Boole–Fréchet inequalities, are rules implicit in the work of George Boole and explicitly derived by Maurice Fréchet that govern the