Category: Partition functions

Vibrational partition function
The vibrational partition function traditionally refers to the component of the canonical partition function resulting from the vibrational degrees of freedom of a system. The vibrational partition fu
Partition function (statistical mechanics)
In physics, a partition function describes the statistical properties of a system in thermodynamic equilibrium. Partition functions are functions of the thermodynamic state variables, such as the temp
Rotational partition function
In chemistry, the rotational partition function relates the rotational degrees of freedom to the rotational part of the energy.
Translational partition function
In statistical mechanics, the translational partition function, is that part of the partition function resulting from the movement (translation) of the center of mass. For a single atom or molecule in
Partition function (mathematics)
The partition function or configuration integral, as used in probability theory, information theory and dynamical systems, is a generalization of the definition of a partition function in statistical
Tau function (integrable systems)
Tau functions are an important ingredient in the modern theory of integrable systems, and have numerous applications in a variety of other domains. They were originally introduced by Ryogo Hirota in h