Category: Palindromists

Howard W. Bergerson
Howard William Bergerson (July 29, 1922 – February 19, 2011) was an American writer and poet, noted for his mastery of palindromes and other forms of wordplay.
Alastair Reid
Alastair Reid (22 March 1926, in Whithorn – 21 September 2014, in Manhattan) was a Scottish poet and a scholar of South American literature. He was known for his lighthearted style of poems and for hi
Sotades (Greek: Σωτάδης; 3rd century BC) was an Ancient Greek poet.
Leigh Mercer
Leigh Mercer (1893–1977) was a noted British wordplay and recreational mathematics expert.
J. A. Lindon
James Albert Lindon (c. 1914 – 16 December 1979) was an English puzzle enthusiast and poet specialising in light verse, constrained writing, and children's poetry. Lindon was based in Addlestone and W
Dmitri Borgmann
Dmitri Alfred Borgmann (October 22, 1927 – December 7, 1985) was a German-American author best known for his work in recreational linguistics.
Su Hui (poet)
Su Hui (simplified Chinese: 苏蕙; traditional Chinese: 蘇蕙; pinyin: Sū Huì, fourth century CE) was a Chinese poet of the Middle Sixteen Kingdoms period (304 to 439) during the Six Dynasties period. Her c