Category: Oxohalides

Chlorosulfuric acid
Chlorosulfuric acid (IUPAC name: sulfurochloridic acid) is the inorganic compound with the formula HSO3Cl. It is also known as chlorosulfonic acid, being the sulfonic acid of chlorine. It is a distill
Fluorophosphoric acid
Fluorophosphoric acid is the inorganic compound with the formula H2PO3F. It is a colorless viscous liquid that solidified to a glass upon cooling.
Teflic acid
Teflic acid is the chemical compound with the formula HOTeF5. This strong acid is related to orthotelluric acid, Te(OH)6. Teflic acid has a slightly distorted octahedral geometry.
In chemistry, molecular oxohalides (oxyhalides) are a group of chemical compounds in which both oxygen and halogen atoms are attached to another chemical element A in a single molecule. They have the
Difluorophosphoric acid
Difluorophosphoric acid is an inorganic compound with the formula HPO2F2. It is a colorless liquid. The acid has limited applications, in part because it is thermally and hydrolytically unstable. It i