Category: Orthogonal wavelets

Coiflets are discrete wavelets designed by Ingrid Daubechies, at the request of Ronald Coifman, to have scaling functions with vanishing moments. The wavelet is near symmetric, their wavelet functions
Binomial QMF
A binomial QMF – properly an orthonormal binomial quadrature mirror filter – is an orthogonal wavelet developed in 1990. The binomial QMF bank with perfect reconstruction (PR) was designed by Ali Akan
Haar wavelet
In mathematics, the Haar wavelet is a sequence of rescaled "square-shaped" functions which together form a wavelet family or basis. Wavelet analysis is similar to Fourier analysis in that it allows a
Orthogonal wavelet
An orthogonal wavelet is a wavelet whose associated wavelet transform is orthogonal.That is, the inverse wavelet transform is the adjoint of the wavelet transform.If this condition is weakened one may
Daubechies wavelet
The Daubechies wavelets, based on the work of Ingrid Daubechies, are a family of orthogonal wavelets defining a discrete wavelet transform and characterized by a maximal number of vanishing moments fo