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Akira Yoshizawa
Akira Yoshizawa (吉澤 章 Yoshizawa Akira; 14 March 1911 – 14 March 2005) was a Japanese origamist, considered to be the grandmaster of origami. He is credited with raising origami from a craft to a livin
David Lister (origami historian)
David Lister (18 April 1930 – 13 February 2013) was the world's leading origami historian. He was a founding member of the British Origami Society. He wrote its constitution and served as its first pr
Ligia Montoya
Ligia Montoya (February 23, 1920 – April 18, 1967) was an Argentinian paper-folding artist, who played an important role in all aspects of the 'golden age' of the international origami movement from t
Alfred Bestall
Alfred Edmeades "Fred" Bestall, MBE (14 December 1892 – 15 January 1986) wrote and illustrated Rupert Bear for the London Daily Express, from 1935 to 1965.
Miguel de Unamuno
Miguel de Unamuno y Jugo (29 September 1864 – 31 December 1936) was a Spanish essayist, novelist, poet, playwright, philosopher, professor of Greek and Classics, and later rector at the University of
Lillian Oppenheimer
Lillian Rose Vorhaus Kruskal Oppenheimer (October 24, 1898 in New York City – July 24, 1992) was an American origami pioneer. She popularized origami in the West starting in the 1950s, and is credited
Florence Temko
Florence Maria Temko (October 20, 1921 – November 12, 2009), a pioneer in spreading origami in the United States, was perhaps the most prolific author on this subject. With fifty-five books to her cre
Michael Shall
Michael Shall (November 15, 1949 – February 9, 1995) was a teacher, practitioner, and promoter of origami (paper folding). He helped launch one of the largest American origami organizations, OrigamiUS
Sadako Sasaki
Sadako Sasaki (佐々木 禎子, Sasaki Sadako, January 7, 1943 – October 25, 1955) was a Japanese girl who became a victim of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the United States. She was two yea
List of origamists
An origamist or an origamian is a person who is associated with the art of origami. Some notable origamists / origamians are:
Éric Joisel
Éric Joisel (15 November 1956 – 10 October 2010) was a French origami artist who specialized in the wet-folding method, creating figurative art sculptures using sheets of paper and water, without the
Ron Resch
Ron Resch (Ronald Dale Resch) was an artist, computer scientist, and applied geometrist, known for his work involving folding paper, origami tessellations and 3D polyhedrons. Resch studied art at the
Robert Harbin
Robert Harbin (born Edward Richard Charles Williams; 12 February 1908 – 12 January 1978) was a British magician and author. He is noted as the inventor of a number of classic illusions, including the
Alice Gray
Alice E. Gray (June 7, 1914 – April 27, 1994) was an American entomologist and origamist. She worked as an entomologist at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) in New York for 43 years, writi
Kōshō Uchiyama
Kosho Uchiyama (内山 興正, Uchiyama Kōshō, 1912 – March 13, 1998) was a Sōtō priest, origami master, and abbot of Antai-ji near Kyoto, Japan. Uchiyama was author of more than twenty books on Zen Buddhism