Category: Ordered algebraic structures

Partially ordered group
In abstract algebra, a partially ordered group is a group (G, +) equipped with a partial order "≤" that is translation-invariant; in other words, "≤" has the property that, for all a, b, and g in G, i
Ordered semigroup
In mathematics, an ordered semigroup is a semigroup (S,•) together with a partial order ≤ that is compatible with the semigroup operation, meaning that x ≤ y implies z•x ≤ z•y and x•z ≤ y•z for all x,
Biracks and biquandles
In mathematics, biquandles and biracks are sets with binary operations that generalize quandles and racks. Biquandles take, in the theory of virtual knots, the place that quandles occupy in the theory
Non-Archimedean ordered field
In mathematics, a non-Archimedean ordered field is an ordered field that does not satisfy the Archimedean property. Examples are the Levi-Civita field, the hyperreal numbers, the surreal numbers, the
Residuated lattice
In abstract algebra, a residuated lattice is an algebraic structure that is simultaneously a lattice x ≤ y and a monoid x•y which admits operations x\z and z/y, loosely analogous to division or implic
Partially ordered ring
In abstract algebra, a partially ordered ring is a ring (A, +, ·), together with a compatible partial order, that is, a partial order on the underlying set A that is compatible with the ring operation
Ordered field
In mathematics, an ordered field is a field together with a total ordering of its elements that is compatible with the field operations. The basic example of an ordered field is the field of real numb
Real closed ring
In mathematics, a real closed ring (RCR) is a commutative ring A that is a subring of a product of real closed fields, which is closed under continuous semi-algebraic functions defined over the intege