Category: Nonlinear functional analysis

Fréchet manifold
In mathematics, in particular in nonlinear analysis, a Fréchet manifold is a topological space modeled on a Fréchet space in much the same way as a manifold is modeled on a Euclidean space. More preci
Banach manifold
In mathematics, a Banach manifold is a manifold modeled on Banach spaces. Thus it is a topological space in which each point has a neighbourhood homeomorphic to an open set in a Banach space (a more i
In mathematics, Delta-convergence, or Δ-convergence, is a mode of convergence in metric spaces, weaker than the usual metric convergence, and similar to (but distinct from) the weak convergence in Ban
Hilbert manifold
In mathematics, a Hilbert manifold is a manifold modeled on Hilbert spaces. Thus it is a separable Hausdorff space in which each point has a neighbourhood homeomorphic to an infinite dimensional Hilbe
Multi-spectral phase coherence
Multi-spectral phase coherence (MSPC) is a generalized cross-frequency coupling metric introduced by Yang and colleagues in 2016. MSPC can be used to quantify nonlinear phase coupling between a set of
Response modeling methodology
Response modeling methodology (RMM) is a general platform for statistical modeling of a linear/nonlinear relationship between a response variable (dependent variable) and a linear predictor (a linear
Nonlinear functional analysis
Nonlinear functional analysis is a branch of mathematical analysis that deals with nonlinear mappings.
Banach bundle
In mathematics, a Banach bundle is a vector bundle each of whose fibres is a Banach space, i.e. a complete normed vector space, possibly of infinite dimension.
Cocompact embedding
In mathematics, cocompact embeddings are embeddings of normed vector spaces possessing a certain property similar to but weaker than compactness. Cocompactness has been in use in mathematical analysis