Category: Microlocal analysis

Oscillatory integral operator
In mathematics, in the field of harmonic analysis, an oscillatory integral operator is an integral operator of the form where the function S(x,y) is called the phase of the operator and the function a
Riemann–Hilbert problem
In mathematics, Riemann–Hilbert problems, named after Bernhard Riemann and David Hilbert, are a class of problems that arise in the study of differential equations in the complex plane. Several existe
Fourier integral operator
In mathematical analysis, Fourier integral operators have become an important tool in the theory of partial differential equations. The class of Fourier integral operators contains differential operat
Microlocal analysis
In mathematical analysis, microlocal analysis comprises techniques developed from the 1950s onwards based on Fourier transforms related to the study of variable-coefficients-linear and nonlinear parti
Pseudo-differential operator
In mathematical analysis a pseudo-differential operator is an extension of the concept of differential operator. Pseudo-differential operators are used extensively in the theory of partial differentia