Category: Mathematical manipulatives

Virtual manipulatives for mathematics
Virtual math manipulatives are visual representations of concrete math manipulatives. They are digitally accessed through a variety of websites or apps through tablets, phones and computers. Virtual m
Pattern Blocks
Pattern Blocks are a set of mathematical manipulatives developed in the 1960s. The six shapes are both a play resource and a tool for learning in mathematics, which serve to develop spatial reasoning
A geoboard is a mathematical manipulative used to explore basic concepts in plane geometry such as perimeter, area and the characteristics of triangles and other polygons. It consists of a physical bo
Number line
In elementary mathematics, a number line is a picture of a graduated straight line that serves as visual representation of the real numbers. Every point of a number line is assumed to correspond to a
Base ten block
Base ten blocks, also known as multibase arithmetic blocks (MAB) or Dienes blocks (after their creator, mathematician and educationalist Zoltán Pál Dienes), are a mathematical manipulative used by stu
Montessori sensorial materials
Montessori sensorial materials are materials used in the Montessori classroom to help a child develop and refine their five senses. Use of these materials constitutes the next level of difficulty afte
Math Arrow
Math Arrow matrix is a visual tool designed to make the relationship among numbers more intuitive and to enhance the learning of mathematical functions. It was created by economist and author Todd Buc
Algebra tile
Algebra tiles are mathematical manipulatives that allow students to better understand ways of algebraic thinking and the concepts of algebra. These tiles have proven to provide concrete models for ele
The tangram (Chinese: 七巧板; pinyin: qīqiǎobǎn; lit. 'seven boards of skill') is a dissection puzzle consisting of seven flat polygons, called tans, which are put together to form shapes. The objective
Froebel gifts
The Froebel gifts (German: Fröbelgaben) are educational play materials for young children, originally designed by Friedrich Fröbel for the first kindergarten at Bad Blankenburg. Playing with Froebel g
Manipulative (mathematics education)
In mathematics education, a manipulative is an object which is designed so that a learner can perceive some mathematical concept by manipulating it, hence its name. The use of manipulatives provides a
Cuisenaire rods
Cuisenaire rods are mathematics learning aids for students that provide an interactive, hands-on way to explore mathematics and learn mathematical concepts, such as the four basic arithmetical operati