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Examples of groups
Some elementary examples of groups in mathematics are given on Group (mathematics).Further examples are listed here.
Stein's example
In decision theory and estimation theory, Stein's example (also known as Stein's phenomenon or Stein's paradox) is the observation that when three or more parameters are estimated simultaneously, ther
Proof of Stein's example
Stein's example is an important result in decision theory which can be stated as The ordinary decision rule for estimating the mean of a multivariate Gaussian distribution is inadmissible under mean s
Teknomo–Fernandez algorithm
The Teknomo–Fernandez algorithm (TF algorithm), is an efficient algorithm for generating the background image of a given video sequence. By assuming that the background image is shown in the majority
Examples of vector spaces
This page lists some examples of vector spaces. See vector space for the definitions of terms used on this page. See also: dimension, basis. Notation. Let F denote an arbitrary field such as the real
List of mathematical examples
This page will attempt to list examples in mathematics. To qualify for inclusion, an article should be about a mathematical object with a fair amount of concreteness. Usually a definition of an abstra
Background subtraction
No description available.
Examples of Markov chains
This article contains examples of Markov chains and Markov processes in action. All examples are in the countable state space. For an overview of Markov chains in general state space, see Markov chain
Game without a value
In the mathematical theory of games, in particular the study of zero-sum continuous games, not every game has a minimax value. This is the expected value to one of the players when both play a perfect