Category: Many-valued logic

Infinite-valued logic
In logic, an infinite-valued logic (or real-valued logic or infinitely-many-valued logic) is a many-valued logic in which truth values comprise a continuous range. Traditionally, in Aristotle's logic,
Three-valued logic
In logic, a three-valued logic (also trinary logic, trivalent, ternary, or trilean, sometimes abbreviated 3VL) is any of several many-valued logic systems in which there are three truth values indicat
Many-valued logic
Many-valued logic (also multi- or multiple-valued logic) refers to a propositional calculus in which there are more than two truth values. Traditionally, in Aristotle's logical calculus, there were on
Noise-based logic
Noise-based logic (NBL) is a class of multivalued deterministic logic schemes, developed in the twenty-first century, where the logic values and bits are represented by different realizations of a sto
Moisil logic
No description available.
Łukasiewicz logic
In mathematics and philosophy, Łukasiewicz logic (/ˌluːkəˈʃɛvɪtʃ/ LOO-kə-SHEV-itch, Polish: [wukaˈɕɛvitʂ]) is a non-classical, many-valued logic. It was originally defined in the early 20th century by
Finite-valued logic
In logic, a finite-valued logic (also finitely many-valued logic) is a propositional calculus in which truth values are discrete. Traditionally, in Aristotle's logic, the bivalent logic, also known as
Kleene algebra
In mathematics, a Kleene algebra (/ˈkleɪni/ KLAY-nee; named after Stephen Cole Kleene) is an idempotent (and thus partially ordered) semiring endowed with a closure operator. It generalizes the operat
Four-valued logic
In logic, a four-valued logic is any logic with four truth values. Several types of four-valued logic have been advanced.
Jaina seven-valued logic
Jaina seven-valued logic is system of argumentation developed by Jaina philosophers and thinkers in ancient India to support and substantiate their theory of pluralism. This argumentation system has s
In abstract algebra, a branch of pure mathematics, an MV-algebra is an algebraic structure with a binary operation , a unary operation , and the constant , satisfying certain axioms. MV-algebras are t