Category: Links (knot theory)

Brunnian link
In knot theory, a branch of topology, a Brunnian link is a nontrivial link that becomes a set of trivial unlinked circles if any one component is removed. In other words, cutting any loop frees all th
Algebraic link
In the mathematical field of knot theory, an algebraic link is a link that can be decomposed by Conway spheres into 2-tangles. Algebraic links are also called arborescent links.Although algebraic link
Link (knot theory)
In mathematical knot theory, a link is a collection of knots which do not intersect, but which may be linked (or knotted) together. A knot can be described as a link with one component. Links and knot
Split link
In the mathematical field of knot theory, a split link is a link that has a (topological) 2-sphere in its complement separating one or more link components from the others. A split link is said to be
Link group
In knot theory, an area of mathematics, the link group of a link is an analog of the knot group of a knot. They were described by John Milnor in his Ph.D. thesis,. Notably, the link group is not in ge