Category: Linear algebraic groups

Hyperspecial subgroup
In the theory of reductive groups over local fields, a hyperspecial subgroup of a reductive group G is a certain type of compact subgroup of G. In particular, let F be a nonarchimedean local field, O
Reductive group
In mathematics, a reductive group is a type of linear algebraic group over a field. One definition is that a connected linear algebraic group G over a perfect field is reductive if it has a representa
Special group (algebraic group theory)
In the theory of algebraic groups, a special group is a linear algebraic group G with the property that every principal G-bundle is locally trivial in the Zariski topology. Special groups include the
Special linear group
In mathematics, the special linear group SL(n, F) of degree n over a field F is the set of n × n matrices with determinant 1, with the group operations of ordinary matrix multiplication and matrix inv
Mirabolic group
In mathematics, a mirabolic subgroup of the general linear group GLn(k) is a subgroup consisting of automorphisms fixing a given non-zero vector in kn. Mirabolic subgroups were introduced by. The imag
Orthogonal group
In mathematics, the orthogonal group in dimension n, denoted O(n), is the group of distance-preserving transformations of a Euclidean space of dimension n that preserve a fixed point, where the group
Thin group (algebraic group theory)
In algebraic group theory, a thin group is a discrete Zariski-dense subgroup of G(R) that has infinite covolume, where G is a semisimple algebraic group over the reals. This is in contrast to a lattic
Cartan subgroup
In algebraic geometry, a Cartan subgroup of a connected linear algebraic group over an algebraically closed field is the centralizer of a maximal torus (which turns out to be connected). Cartan subgro
Linear algebraic group
In mathematics, a linear algebraic group is a subgroup of the group of invertible matrices (under matrix multiplication) that is defined by polynomial equations. An example is the orthogonal group, de
Quasi-split group
In mathematics, a quasi-split group over a field is a reductive group with a Borel subgroup defined over the field. Simply connected quasi-split groups over a field correspond to actions of the absolu
Virasoro group
In abstract algebra, the Virasoro group or Bott–Virasoro group (often denoted by Vir) is an infinite-dimensional Lie group defined as the universal central extension of the group of diffeomorphisms of
Iwahori subgroup
In algebra, an Iwahori subgroup is a subgroup of a reductive algebraic group over a nonarchimedean local field that is analogous to a Borel subgroup of an algebraic group. A parahoric subgroup is a pr
General linear group
In mathematics, the general linear group of degree n is the set of n×n invertible matrices, together with the operation of ordinary matrix multiplication. This forms a group, because the product of tw
Unit hyperbola
In geometry, the unit hyperbola is the set of points (x,y) in the Cartesian plane that satisfy the implicit equation In the study of indefinite orthogonal groups, the unit hyperbola forms the basis fo
Algebraic torus
In mathematics, an algebraic torus, where a one dimensional torus is typically denoted by , , or , is a type of commutative affine algebraic group commonly found in projective algebraic geometry and t
Good filtration
In mathematical representation theory, a good filtration is a filtration of a representation of a reductive algebraic group G such that the subquotients are isomorphic to the spaces of sections F(λ) o