Category: Lemmas in linear algebra

Steinitz exchange lemma
The Steinitz exchange lemma is a basic theorem in linear algebra used, for example, to show that any two bases for a finite-dimensional vector space have the same number of elements. The result is nam
Farkas' lemma
Farkas' lemma is a solvability theorem for a finite system of linear inequalities in mathematics. It was originally proven by the Hungarian mathematician Gyula Farkas.Farkas' lemma is the key result u
Matrix determinant lemma
In mathematics, in particular linear algebra, the matrix determinant lemma computes the determinant of the sum of an invertible matrix A and the dyadic product, u vT, of a column vector u and a row ve
Woodbury matrix identity
In mathematics (specifically linear algebra), the Woodbury matrix identity, named after Max A. Woodbury, says that the inverse of a rank-k correction of some matrix can be computed by doing a rank-k c
Whitehead's lemma
Whitehead's lemma is a technical result in abstract algebra used in algebraic K-theory. It states that a matrix of the form is equivalent to the identity matrix by elementary transformations (that is,