Category: Knot operations

Mutation (knot theory)
In the mathematical field of knot theory, a mutation is an operation on a knot that can produce different knots. Suppose K is a knot given in the form of a knot diagram. Consider a disc D in the proje
Reidemeister move
In the mathematical area of knot theory, a Reidemeister move is any of three local moves on a link diagram. Kurt Reidemeister and, independently, James Waddell Alexander and, demonstrated that two kno
In the mathematical theory of knots, a flype is a kind of manipulation of knot and link diagrams used in the Tait flyping conjecture.It consists of twisting a part of a knot, a tangle T, by 180 degree
Knot operation
In knot theory, a knot move or operation is a change or changes which preserve crossing number. Operations are used to investigate whether knots are equivalent, prime or reduced. Knot moves or operati