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A naggin in Ireland is a 200ml bottle of spirits. Major brands of vodka, whiskey, rum, and less often gin, are commonly sold in this size in off licences, especially independent (non-chain) shops, typ
Old Irish units of measurement
Early Irish law texts record a wide variety of units of measurement, organised into various systems. These were used from Early Christian Ireland (Middle Ages) or perhaps earlier, before being displac
Irish mile
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Irish measure
Irish measure or plantation measure was a system of units of land measurement used in Ireland from the 16th century plantations until the 19th century, with residual use into the 20th century. The uni
Cow's Grass
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Irish acre
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Metrication in Ireland
Metrication in the Republic of Ireland happened mostly in the 20th century and was officially completed in 2005, with a few exceptions. The island of Ireland gradually adopted the British imperial mea