Category: Inductive logic programming

First-order inductive learner
In machine learning, first-order inductive learner (FOIL) is a rule-based learning algorithm.
Golem (ILP)
Golem is an inductive logic programming algorithm developed by Stephen Muggleton and Feng. It uses the technique proposed by Gordon Plotkin. Therefore, only positive examples are used and the search i
Progol is an implementation of inductive logic programming that combines inverse entailment with general-to-specific search through a refinement graph. It was developed by Stephen Muggleton. Inverse e
Anti-unification (computer science)
Anti-unification is the process of constructing a generalization common to two given symbolic expressions. As in unification, several frameworks are distinguished depending on which expressions (also
Inductive logic programming
Inductive logic programming (ILP) is a subfield of symbolic artificial intelligence which uses logic programming as a uniform representation for examples, background knowledge and hypotheses. Given an