Category: Hyperbolic knots and links

Carrick mat
The carrick mat is a flat woven decorative knot which can be used as a mat or pad. Its name is based on the mat's decorative-type carrick bend with the ends connected together, forming an endless knot
Whitehead link
In knot theory, the Whitehead link, named for J. H. C. Whitehead, is one of the most basic links. It can be drawn as an alternating link with five crossings, from the overlay of a circle and a figure-
Hyperbolic link
In mathematics, a hyperbolic link is a link in the 3-sphere with complement that has a complete Riemannian metric of constant negative curvature, i.e. has a hyperbolic geometry. A hyperbolic knot is a
Hyperbolic knot
No description available.
L10a140 link
In the mathematical theory of knots, L10a140 is the name in the Thistlethwaite link table of a link of three loops, which has ten crossings between the loops when presented in its simplest visual form