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Kuznetsov-Eden's conjecture
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Describing function
In control systems theory, the describing function (DF) method, developed by Nikolay Mitrofanovich Krylov and Nikolay Bogoliubov in the 1930s, and extended by Ralph Kochenburger is an approximate proc
Kalman's conjecture
Kalman's conjecture or Kalman problem is a disproved conjecture on absolute stability of nonlinear control system with one scalar nonlinearity, which belongs to the sector of linear stability. Kalman'
Aizerman's conjecture
In nonlinear control, Aizerman's conjecture or Aizerman problem states that a linear system in feedback with a sector nonlinearity would be stable if the linear system is stable for any linear gain of
Sommerfeld effect
In mechanics, Sommerfeld effect is a phenomenon arising from feedback in the energy exchange between vibrating systems: for example, when for the rocking table, under given conditions, energy transmit
Phase-locked loop range
The terms hold-in range, pull-in range (acquisition range), and lock-in range are widely used by engineers for the concepts of frequency deviation ranges within which phase-locked loop-based circuits
Hilbert's sixteenth problem
Hilbert's 16th problem was posed by David Hilbert at the Paris conference of the International Congress of Mathematicians in 1900, as part of his list of 23 problems in mathematics. The original probl
Eden's conjecture
In the mathematics of dynamical systems, Eden's conjecture states that the supremum of the local Lyapunov dimensions on the global attractor is achieved on a stationary point or an unstable periodic o
Hidden attractor
In the bifurcation theory, a bounded oscillation that is born without loss of stability of stationary set is called a hidden oscillation. In nonlinear control theory, the birth of a hidden oscillation
Chua's circuit
Chua's circuit (also known as a Chua circuit) is a simple electronic circuit that exhibits classic chaotic behavior. This means roughly that it is a "nonperiodic oscillator"; it produces an oscillatin