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Lie algebroid
In mathematics, a Lie algebroid is a vector bundle together with a Lie bracket on its space of sections and a vector bundle morphism , satisfying a Leibniz rule. A Lie algebroid can thus be thought of
Laplacian smoothing
Laplacian smoothing is an algorithm to smooth a polygonal mesh. For each vertex in a mesh, a new position is chosen based on local information (such as the position of neighbours) and the vertex is mo
Convex hull
In geometry, the convex hull or convex envelope or convex closure of a shape is the smallest convex set that contains it. The convex hull may be defined either as the intersection of all convex sets c
Geometric and Topological Inference
Geometric and Topological Inference is a monograph in computational geometry, computational topology, geometry processing, and topological data analysis, on the problem of inferring properties of an u
Constrained Delaunay triangulation
In computational geometry, a constrained Delaunay triangulation is a generalization of the Delaunay triangulation that forces certain required segments into the triangulation as edges, unlike the Dela
Pair of pants (mathematics)
In mathematics, a pair of pants is a surface which is homeomorphic to the three-holed sphere. The name comes from considering one of the removed disks as the waist and the two others as the cuffs of a
Point cloud
A point cloud is a discrete set of data points in space. The points may represent a 3D shape or object. Each point position has its set of Cartesian coordinates (X, Y, Z). Point clouds are generally p
Parametric equation
In mathematics, a parametric equation defines a group of quantities as functions of one or more independent variables called parameters. Parametric equations are commonly used to express the coordinat
Genus (mathematics)
In mathematics, genus (plural genera) has a few different, but closely related, meanings. Intuitively, the genus is the number of "holes" of a surface. A sphere has genus 0, while a torus has genus 1.
Triangle mesh
In computer graphics, a triangle mesh is a type of polygon mesh. It comprises a set of triangles (typically in three dimensions) that are connected by their common edges or vertices. Many graphics sof
Geometric topology
In mathematics, geometric topology is the study of manifolds and maps between them, particularly embeddings of one manifold into another.
Polygon mesh
In 3D computer graphics and solid modeling, a polygon mesh is a collection of vertices, edges and faces that defines the shape of a polyhedral object. The faces usually consist of triangles (triangle
Surface fairing
In mathematics, Surface fairing is an aspect of mesh smoothing. The goal of surface fairing is to compute shapes that are as smooth as possible. On an abstract level, mesh smoothing is concerned with
Implicit surface
In mathematics, an implicit surface is a surface in Euclidean space defined by an equation An implicit surface is the set of zeros of a function of three variables. Implicit means that the equation is
Digital modeling and fabrication
Digital modeling and fabrication is a design and production process that combines 3D modeling or computing-aided design (CAD) with additive and subtractive manufacturing. Additive manufacturing is als
Boolean operations on polygons
Boolean operations on polygons are a set of Boolean operations (AND, OR, NOT, XOR, ...) operating on one or more sets of polygons in computer graphics. These sets of operations are widely used in comp
Geometry processing
Geometry processing, or mesh processing, is an area of research that uses concepts from applied mathematics, computer science and engineering to design efficient algorithms for the acquisition, recons
Discrete Laplace operator
In mathematics, the discrete Laplace operator is an analog of the continuous Laplace operator, defined so that it has meaning on a graph or a discrete grid. For the case of a finite-dimensional graph
In mathematics, a manifold is a topological space that locally resembles Euclidean space near each point. More precisely, an -dimensional manifold, or -manifold for short, is a topological space with
Graphical Models
Graphical Models is an academic journal in computer graphics and geometry processing publisher by Elsevier. As of 2021, its editor-in-chief is Jorg Peters of the University of Florida.
Differential geometry
Differential geometry is a mathematical discipline that studies the geometry of smooth shapes and smooth spaces, otherwise known as smooth manifolds. It uses the techniques of differential calculus, i
Computational geometry
Computational geometry is a branch of computer science devoted to the study of algorithms which can be stated in terms of geometry. Some purely geometrical problems arise out of the study of computati