Category: Generalized manifolds

In physics and mathematics, supermanifolds are generalizations of the manifold concept based on ideas coming from supersymmetry. Several definitions are in use, some of which are described below.
In the mathematical disciplines of topology and geometry, an orbifold (for "orbit-manifold") is a generalization of a manifold. Roughly speaking, an orbifold is a topological space which is locally a
In theoretical physics orientifold is a generalization of the notion of orbifold, proposed by Augusto Sagnotti in 1987. The novelty is that in the case of string theory the non-trivial element(s) of t
In mathematics, a varifold is, loosely speaking, a measure-theoretic generalization of the concept of a differentiable manifold, by replacing differentiability requirements with those provided by rect
Stratified Morse theory
In mathematics, stratified Morse theory is an analogue to Morse theory for general stratified spaces, originally developed by Mark Goresky and Robert MacPherson. The main point of the theory is to con
Branched manifold
In mathematics, a branched manifold is a generalization of a differentiable manifold which may have singularities of very restricted type and admits a well-defined tangent space at each point. A branc
Current (mathematics)
In mathematics, more particularly in functional analysis, differential topology, and geometric measure theory, a k-current in the sense of Georges de Rham is a functional on the space of compactly sup
Banach bundle
In mathematics, a Banach bundle is a vector bundle each of whose fibres is a Banach space, i.e. a complete normed vector space, possibly of infinite dimension.
Graded manifold
In algebraic geometry, graded manifolds are extensions of the concept of manifolds based on ideas coming from supersymmetry and supercommutative algebra. Both graded manifolds and supermanifolds are p
Orbifold notation
In geometry, orbifold notation (or orbifold signature) is a system, invented by the mathematician William Thurston and promoted by John Conway, for representing types of symmetry groups in two-dimensi
Fréchet manifold
In mathematics, in particular in nonlinear analysis, a Fréchet manifold is a topological space modeled on a Fréchet space in much the same way as a manifold is modeled on a Euclidean space. More preci
Banach manifold
In mathematics, a Banach manifold is a manifold modeled on Banach spaces. Thus it is a topological space in which each point has a neighbourhood homeomorphic to an open set in a Banach space (a more i
Mixed Hodge module
In mathematics, mixed Hodge modules are the culmination of Hodge theory, mixed Hodge structures, intersection cohomology, and the decomposition theorem yielding a coherent framework for discussing var
Homology manifold
In mathematics, a homology manifold (or generalized manifold)is a locally compact topological space X that looks locally like a topological manifold from the point of view of homology theory.
In mathematics and string theory, a conifold is a generalization of a manifold. Unlike manifolds, conifolds can contain conical singularities, i.e. points whose neighbourhoods look like cones over a c
In differential topology, a branch of mathematics, a stratifold is a generalization of a differentiable manifold where certain kinds of singularities are allowed. More specifically a stratifold is str
Branched surface
In mathematics, a branched surface is a generalization of both surfaces and train tracks.
Intersection homology
In topology, a branch of mathematics, intersection homology is an analogue of singular homology especially well-suited for the study of singular spaces, discovered by Mark Goresky and Robert MacPherso
Hilbert manifold
In mathematics, a Hilbert manifold is a manifold modeled on Hilbert spaces. Thus it is a separable Hausdorff space in which each point has a neighbourhood homeomorphic to an infinite dimensional Hilbe
Thom–Mather stratified space
In topology, a branch of mathematics, an abstract stratified space, or a Thom–Mather stratified space is a topological space X that has been decomposed into pieces called strata; these strata are mani