Category: General equilibrium theorists

Lionel W. McKenzie
Lionel Wilfred McKenzie (January 26, 1919 – October 12, 2010) was an American economist. He was the Wilson Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of Rochester. He was born in Montezuma, Geo
Hukukane Nikaido
Hukukane Nikaido (二階堂副包, Nikaidô Fukukane, June 28, 1923 – August 23, 2001) was a Japanese economist.
Gérard Debreu
Gérard Debreu (French: [dəbʁø]; 4 July 1921 – 31 December 2004) was a French-born economist and mathematician. Best known as a professor of economics at the University of California, Berkeley, where h
Jean-Jacques Laffont
Jean-Jacques Marcel Laffont (April 13, 1947 – May 1, 2004) was a French economist specializing in public economics and information economics. Educated at the University of Toulouse and the Ecole Natio
Hugo F. Sonnenschein
Hugo Freund Sonnenschein (November 14, 1940 – July 15, 2021) was an American economist and educational administrator. He served as president of the University of Chicago from 1993 to 2000.
Birgit Grodal
Birgit Grodal (24 June 1943 - 4 May 2004), was an economics professor at the University of Copenhagen from 1968 until her death in 2004.
Edmond Malinvaud
Edmond Malinvaud (25 April 1923 – 7 March 2015) was a French economist. He was the first president of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences. Trained at the École Polytechnique and at the École Nat
Frank Hahn
Frank Horace Hahn FBA (26 April 1925 – 29 January 2013) was a British economist whose work focused on general equilibrium theory, monetary theory, Keynesian economics and critique of monetarism. A fam
John Hicks
Sir John Richards Hicks (8 April 1904 – 20 May 1989) was a British economist. He is considered one of the most important and influential economists of the twentieth century. The most familiar of his m
Enrico Barone
Enrico Barone (Italian: [baˈroːne]; 22 December 1859, Naples, Kingdom of the Two Sicilies – 14 May 1924, Rome, Italy) was a soldier, military historian, and an economist.
Frederik Zeuthen
Frederik Ludvig Bang Zeuthen (9 September 1888 – 24 February 1959) was a Danish economist. He became an internationally recognized economist in the 1930s and published his research in English, French
Ugo Broggi
Ugo Napoleone Giuseppe Broggi (December 29, 1880, Como – November 23, 1965, Milan) was an Italian actuary, mathematician, philosopher, statistician, and mathematical economist.
David Gale
David Gale (December 13, 1921 – March 7, 2008) was an American mathematician and economist. He was a professor emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley, affiliated with the departments of ma
Tjalling Koopmans
Tjalling Charles Koopmans (August 28, 1910 – February 26, 1985) was a Dutch-American mathematician and economist. He was the joint winner with Leonid Kantorovich of the 1975 Nobel Memorial Prize in Ec
Francis Ysidro Edgeworth
Francis Ysidro Edgeworth FBA (8 February 1845 – 13 February 1926) was an Anglo-Irish philosopher and political economist who made significant contributions to the methods of statistics during the 1880
Maurice Allais
Maurice Félix Charles Allais (31 May 1911 – 9 October 2010) was a French physicist and economist, the 1988 winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences "for his pioneering contributions to
George Dantzig
George Bernard Dantzig (/ˈdæntsɪɡ/; November 8, 1914 – May 13, 2005) was an American mathematical scientist who made contributions to industrial engineering, operations research, computer science, eco
Kenneth Arrow
Kenneth Joseph Arrow (23 August 1921 – 21 February 2017) was an American economist, mathematician, writer, and political theorist. He was the joint winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Scien
Leonid Kantorovich
Leonid Vitalyevich Kantorovich (Russian: Леони́д Вита́льевич Канторо́вич, IPA: [lʲɪɐˈnʲit vʲɪˈtalʲjɪvʲɪtɕ kəntɐˈrovʲɪtɕ]; 19 January 1912 – 7 April 1986) was a Soviet mathematician and economist, know
Léon Walras
Marie-Esprit-Léon Walras (French: [valʁas]; 16 December 1834 – 5 January 1910) was a French mathematical economist and Georgist. He formulated the marginal theory of value (independently of William St
Charalambos D. Aliprantis
Charalambos Dionisios Aliprantis (Greek: Χαράλαμπος Διονύσιος Αλιπράντης; May 12, 1946 – February 27, 2009) was a Greek-American economist and mathematician who introduced Banach space and Riesz space
Jacques Drèze
Jacques H. Drèze (5 August 1929 – 25 September 2022) was a Belgian economist noted for his contributions to economic theory, econometrics, and economic policy as well as for his leadership in the econ
Wassily Leontief
Wassily Wassilyevich Leontief (Russian: Васи́лий Васи́льевич Лео́нтьев; August 5, 1905 – February 5, 1999), was a Soviet-American economist known for his research on input–output analysis and how chan
Herbert Scarf
Herbert Eli "Herb" Scarf (July 25, 1930 – November 15, 2015) was an American mathematical economist and Sterling Professor of Economics at Yale University.
Oskar R. Lange
Oskar Ryszard Lange (27 July 1904 – 2 October 1965) was a Polish economist and diplomat. He is best known for advocating the use of market pricing tools in socialist systems and providing a model of m
David Cass
David Cass (January 19, 1937 – April 15, 2008) was a professor of economics at the University of Pennsylvania, mostly known for his contributions to general equilibrium theory. His most famous work wa