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Error function
In mathematics, the error function (also called the Gauss error function), often denoted by erf, is a complex function of a complex variable defined as: This integral is a special (non-elementary) sig
Gaussian filter
In electronics and signal processing mainly in digital signal processing, a Gaussian filter is a filter whose impulse response is a Gaussian function (or an approximation to it, since a true Gaussian
Gaussian function
In mathematics, a Gaussian function, often simply referred to as a Gaussian, is a function of the base form and with parametric extensionfor arbitrary real constants a, b and non-zero c. It is named a
Gaussian integral
The Gaussian integral, also known as the Euler–Poisson integral, is the integral of the Gaussian function over the entire real line. Named after the German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, the inte
Gaussian blur
In image processing, a Gaussian blur (also known as Gaussian smoothing) is the result of blurring an image by a Gaussian function (named after mathematician and scientist Carl Friedrich Gauss). It is
Faddeeva function
The Faddeeva function or Kramp function is a scaled complex complementary error function, It is related to the Fresnel integral, to Dawson's integral, and to the Voigt function. The function arises in
Dawson function
In mathematics, the Dawson function or Dawson integral(named after H. G. Dawson) is the one-sided Fourier–Laplace sine transform of the Gaussian function.
Scale space implementation
In the areas of computer vision, image analysis and signal processing, the notion of scale-space representation is used for processing measurement data at multiple scales, and specifically enhance or
Sheppard's correction
In statistics, Sheppard's corrections are approximate corrections to estimates of moments computed from binned data. The concept is named after William Fleetwood Sheppard. Let be the measured kth mome
List of integrals of Gaussian functions
In the expressions in this article, is the standard normal probability density function, is the corresponding cumulative distribution function (where erf is the error function) and is Owen's T functio
Inverted bell curve
In statistics, an inverted bell curve is a term used loosely or metaphorically to refer to a bimodal distribution that falls to a trough between two peaks, rather than (as in a standard bell curve) ri
Gaussian correlation inequality
The Gaussian correlation inequality (GCI), formerly known as the Gaussian correlation conjecture (GCC), is a mathematical theorem in the fields of mathematical statistics and convex geometry. A specia