Category: Free interactive geometry software

GNU Dr. Geo is interactive geometry software that allows its users to design & manipulate interactive geometric sketches. It is free software (source code, translations, icons and installer are releas
KSEG (software)
KSEG is a free (GPL) interactive geometry software for exploring Euclidean geometry. It was created by Ilya Baran.It runs on Unix-based platforms. It also compiles and runs on Mac OS X and should run
CaRMetal is an interactive geometry program which inherited the C.a.R. engine. The software has been created by Eric Hakenholz, in Java. CaRMetal is free, under GNU GPL license. It keeps an amount of
Kig (software)
KIG is free and open-source interactive geometry software, which is part of the KDE Education Project. It has some facilities for scripting in Python, as well as the creating macros from existing cons
C.a.R.– Compass and Ruler (also known as Z.u.L., which stands for the German "Zirkel und Lineal") — is a free and open source interactive geometry app that can do geometrical constructions in Euclidea