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Fredholm theory
In mathematics, Fredholm theory is a theory of integral equations. In the narrowest sense, Fredholm theory concerns itself with the solution of the Fredholm integral equation. In a broader sense, the
Fredholm solvability
In mathematics, Fredholm solvability encompasses results and techniques for solving differential and integral equations via the Fredholm alternative and, more generally, the Fredholm-type properties o
Carleman's equation
In mathematics, Carleman's equation is a Fredholm integral equation of the first kind with a . Its solution was first given by Torsten Carleman in 1922.The equation is The solution for b − a ≠ 4 is If
Fredholm alternative
In mathematics, the Fredholm alternative, named after Ivar Fredholm, is one of Fredholm's theorems and is a result in Fredholm theory. It may be expressed in several ways, as a theorem of linear algeb
Fredholm determinant
In mathematics, the Fredholm determinant is a complex-valued function which generalizes the determinant of a finite dimensional linear operator. It is defined for bounded operators on a Hilbert space
Liouville–Neumann series
In mathematics, the Liouville–Neumann series is an infinite series that corresponds to the resolvent formalism technique of solving the Fredholm integral equations in Fredholm theory.
Fredholm integral equation
In mathematics, the Fredholm integral equation is an integral equation whose solution gives rise to Fredholm theory, the study of Fredholm kernels and Fredholm operators. The integral equation was stu
Fredholm operator
In mathematics, Fredholm operators are certain operators that arise in the Fredholm theory of integral equations. They are named in honour of Erik Ivar Fredholm. By definition, a Fredholm operator is
Fredholm kernel
In mathematics, a Fredholm kernel is a certain type of a kernel on a Banach space, associated with nuclear operators on the Banach space. They are an abstraction of the idea of the Fredholm integral e
Fredholm's theorem
In mathematics, Fredholm's theorems are a set of celebrated results of Ivar Fredholm in the Fredholm theory of integral equations. There are several closely related theorems, which may be stated in te
Atkinson's theorem
In operator theory, Atkinson's theorem (named for Frederick Valentine Atkinson) gives a characterization of Fredholm operators.
Resolvent formalism
In mathematics, the resolvent formalism is a technique for applying concepts from complex analysis to the study of the spectrum of operators on Banach spaces and more general spaces. Formal justificat
Analytic Fredholm theorem
In mathematics, the analytic Fredholm theorem is a result concerning the existence of bounded inverses for a family of bounded linear operators on a Hilbert space. It is the basis of two classical and