Category: Formal methods terminology

Reification (computer science)
Reification is the process by which an abstract idea about a computer program is turned into an explicit data model or other object created in a programming language. A computable/addressable object—a
Guard (computer science)
In computer programming, a guard is a boolean expression that must evaluate to true if the program execution is to continue in the branch in question. Regardless of which programming language is used,
Total correctness
No description available.
Weakest precondition
No description available.
Partial correctness
No description available.
Refinement (computing)
Refinement is a generic term of computer science that encompasses various approaches for producing correct computer programs and simplifying existing programs to enable their formal verification.
Correctness (computer science)
In theoretical computer science, an algorithm is correct with respect to a specification if it behaves as specified. Best explored is functional correctness, which refers to the input-output behavior
Termination proof
No description available.