Category: Field extensions

Algebraic extension
In mathematics, an algebraic extension is a field extension L/K such that every element of the larger field L is algebraic over the smaller field K; that is, if every element of L is a root of a non-z
Field extension
In mathematics, particularly in algebra, a field extension is a pair of fields such that the operations of E are those of F restricted to E. In this case, F is an extension field of E and E is a subfi
Normal extension
In abstract algebra, a normal extension is an algebraic field extension L/K for which every irreducible polynomial over K which has a root in L, splits into linear factors in L. These are one of the c
Dual basis in a field extension
In mathematics, the linear algebra concept of dual basis can be applied in the context of a finite extension L/K, by using the field trace. This requires the property that the field trace TrL/K provid
Tower of fields
In mathematics, a tower of fields is a sequence of field extensions F0 ⊆ F1 ⊆ ... ⊆ Fn ⊆ ... The name comes from such sequences often being written in the form A tower of fields may be finite or infin
Separable extension
In field theory, a branch of algebra, an algebraic field extension is called a separable extension if for every , the minimal polynomial of over F is a separable polynomial (i.e., its formal derivativ
Algebraic closure
In mathematics, particularly abstract algebra, an algebraic closure of a field K is an algebraic extension of K that is algebraically closed. It is one of many closures in mathematics. Using Zorn's le
Galois extension
In mathematics, a Galois extension is an algebraic field extension E/F that is normal and separable; or equivalently, E/F is algebraic, and the field fixed by the automorphism group Aut(E/F) is precis
Abelian extension
In abstract algebra, an abelian extension is a Galois extension whose Galois group is abelian. When the Galois group is also cyclic, the extension is also called a cyclic extension. Going in the other
Simple extension
In field theory, a simple extension is a field extension which is generated by the adjunction of a single element. Simple extensions are well understood and can be completely classified. The primitive
Degree of a field extension
In mathematics, more specifically field theory, the degree of a field extension is a rough measure of the "size" of the field extension. The concept plays an important role in many parts of mathematic