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Gelatinous cube
A gelatinous cube is a fictional monster from the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. It is described as a ten-foot cube of transparent gelatinous ooze, which is able to absorb and digest or
Rubik, the Amazing Cube
Rubik, the Amazing Cube is a 1983 half-hour Saturday morning animated series based on the puzzle created by Ernő Rubik, produced by Ruby-Spears Enterprises and broadcast as part of The Pac-Man/Rubik,
Lament Configuration
No description available.
Borg Cube
No description available.
Companion Cube
No description available.
Weighted Companion Cube
The Weighted Companion Cube (also simply called the Companion Cube) is a fictional item featured in the Portal series of video games by Valve Corporation. Initially featured in a single level of the o
The Box of Delights
The Box of Delights is a children's fantasy novel by John Masefield. It is a sequel to The Midnight Folk, and was first published in 1935. Also known as "When The Wolves Were Running"
Cube (1997 film)
Cube is a 1997 Canadian independent science fiction horror film directed and co-written by Vincenzo Natali. A product of the Canadian Film Centre's First Feature Project, Nicole de Boer, Nicky Guadagn
Time Cube
Time Cube was a personal web page, founded in 1997 by the self-proclaimed "wisest man on earth," Otis Eugene Ray. It was a self-published outlet for Ray's theory of everything, also called "Time Cube,
Cosmic Cube
The Cosmic Cube is a fictional object appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. There are multiple Cubes in the Marvel Universe, all of which are depicted as containment devices th
Doctor Who (season 16)
The sixteenth season of British science fiction television series Doctor Who, known collectively as The Key to Time, began on 2 September 1978 with The Ribos Operation, and ended with The Armageddon F
White Chamber (film)
White Chamber is a 2018 British science-fiction horror film written and directed by Paul Raschid. It stars Shauna Macdonald and Oded Fehr. The film is about a woman, Dr. Elle Chrysler (Macdonald), who