Category: Electron microscopy stains

Praseodymium(III) acetate
Praseodymium(III) acetate is an inorganic salt composed of a Praseodymium atom trication and three acetate groups as anions. This compound commonly forms the dihydrate, Pr(O2C2H3)3·2H2O.
Silver staining
In pathology, silver staining is the use of silver to selectively alter the appearance of a target in microscopy of histological sections; in temperature gradient gel electrophoresis; and in polyacryl
Neodymium acetate
Neodymium acetate is an inorganic salt composed of a neodymium atom trication and three acetate groups as anions where neodymium exhibits the +3 oxidation state. It has a chemical formula of Nd(CH3COO
Uranyl acetate
Uranyl acetate is the acetate salt of uranium oxide, a toxic yellow-green powder useful in certain laboratory tests. Structurally, it is a coordination polymer with formula UO2(CH3CO2)2(H2O)·H2O.
Phosphotungstic acid
Phosphotungstic acid (PTA) or tungstophosphoric acid (TPA), is a heteropoly acid with the chemical formula H3PW12O40]. It forms hydrates H3[PW12O40]·nH2O. It is normally isolated as the n = 24 hydrate
Immunogold labelling
Immunogold labeling or Immunogold staining (IGS) is a staining technique used in electron microscopy. This staining technique is an equivalent of the indirect immunofluorescence technique for visible
Osmium tetroxide
Osmium tetroxide (also osmium(VIII) oxide) is the chemical compound with the formula OsO4. The compound is noteworthy for its many uses, despite its toxicity and the rarity of osmium. It also has a nu
Uranyl formate
Uranyl formate (UO2(CHO2)2·H2O) is a salt that exists as a fine yellow free-flowing powder occasionally used in transmission electron microscopy. It is occasionally used as a 0.5% or 1% aqueous negati
Ruthenium tetroxide
Ruthenium tetroxide is the inorganic compound with the formula RuO4. It is a yellow volatile solid that melts near room temperature. It has the odor of ozone. Samples are typically black due to impuri
Silver nitrate
Silver nitrate is an inorganic compound with chemical formula AgNO3. It is a versatile precursor to many other silver compounds, such as those used in photography. It is far less sensitive to light th
Uranyl nitrate
Uranyl nitrate is a water-soluble yellow uranium salt with the formula UO2(NO3)2 · n H2O. The hexa-, tri-, and dihydrates are known. The compound is mainly of interest because it is an intermediate in
Negative stain
In microscopy, negative staining is an established method, often used in diagnostic microscopy, for contrasting a thin specimen with an optically opaque fluid. In this technique, the background is sta