Category: Econometrics software

SPSS Statistics is a statistical software suite developed by IBM for data management, advanced analytics, multivariate analysis, business intelligence, and criminal investigation. Long produced by SPS
NLOGIT is an extension of the econometric and statistical software package LIMDEP. In addition to the estimation tools in LIMDEP, NLOGIT provides programs for estimation, model simulation and analysis
SIMUL - i.e. Système Intégré de Modélisation mULti-dimensionelle - is an econometric tool for the multidimensional (multi-sectoral and multi-regional) modelling. It allows to implement easily multidim
MATLAB (an abbreviation of "MATrix LABoratory") is a proprietary multi-paradigm programming language and numeric computing environment developed by MathWorks. MATLAB allows matrix manipulations, plott
GAUSS (software)
GAUSS is a matrix programming language for mathematics and statistics, developed and marketed by Aptech Systems. Its primary purpose is the solution of numerical problems in statistics, econometrics,
SHAZAM (software)
SHAZAM is a comprehensive econometrics and statistics package for estimating, testing, simulating and forecasting many types of econometrics and statistical models. SHAZAM was originally created in 19
Stata (/ˈsteɪtə/, STAY-ta, alternatively /ˈstætə/, occasionally stylized as STATA) is a general-purpose statistical software package developed by StataCorp for data manipulation, visualization, statis
Local Economic Assessment Package
The Local Economic Assessment Package (also known as “EDR-LEAP” or “LEAP Model”) is a web-based, interactive database and software tool used by local and regional agencies in the US to improve strateg
BV4.1 (software)
The application software BV4.1 is an easy-to-use tool for decomposing and seasonally adjusting monthly or quarterly economic time series by version 4.1 of the Berlin procedure. It is being developed b
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EViews is a statistical package for Windows, used mainly for time-series oriented econometric analysis. It is developed by Quantitative Micro Software (QMS), now a part of IHS. Version 1.0 was release
RATS (software)
RATS, an abbreviation of Regression Analysis of Time Series, is a statistical package for time series analysis and econometrics. RATS is developed and sold by Estima, Inc., located in Evanston, IL.
gretl is an open-source statistical package, mainly for econometrics. The name is an acronym for Gnu Regression, Econometrics and Time-series Library. It has both a graphical user interface (GUI) and
Maple (software)
Maple is a symbolic and numeric computing environment as well as a multi-paradigm programming language. It covers several areas of technical computing, such as symbolic mathematics, numerical analysis
LIMDEP is an econometric and statistical software package with a variety of estimation tools. In addition to the core econometric tools for analysis of cross sections and time series, LIMDEP supports
NMath is a numerical package for the Microsoft .NET Framework. It is developed by CenterSpace Software. Version 1.0 was released in March, 2003 as NMath Core. The current version is called NMath 7.1,
Wolfram Mathematica
Wolfram Mathematica is a software system with built-in libraries for several areas of technical computing that allow machine learning, statistics, symbolic computation, data manipulation, network anal
TSP (econometrics software)
TSP is a programming language for the estimation and simulation of econometric models. TSP stands for "Time Series Processor", although it is also commonly used with cross section and panel data. The
OxMetrics is an econometric software including the Ox programming language for econometrics and statistics, developed by Jurgen Doornik and David Hendry. OxMetrics originates from PcGive, one of the f
AREMOS is a data management and econometrics software package released by Global Insight. It was most popular in the late 1980s and 1990s, when it was used by leading economists. Developed as a DOS ap