Category: Domain theory

Lawson topology
In mathematics and theoretical computer science the Lawson topology, named after Jimmie D. Lawson, is a topology on partially ordered sets used in the study of domain theory. The lower topology on a p
Scott information system
In domain theory, a branch of mathematics and computer science, a Scott information system is a primitive kind of logical deductive system often used as an alternative way of presenting Scott domains.
Scott continuity
In mathematics, given two partially ordered sets P and Q, a function f: P → Q between them is Scott-continuous (named after the mathematician Dana Scott) if it preserves all directed suprema. That is,
Domain theory
Domain theory is a branch of mathematics that studies special kinds of partially ordered sets (posets) commonly called domains. Consequently, domain theory can be considered as a branch of order theor
Scott domain
In the mathematical fields of order and domain theory, a Scott domain is an algebraic, bounded-complete cpo. They are named in honour of Dana S. Scott, who was the first to study these structures at t