Category: Disproved conjectures

Hirsch conjecture
In mathematical programming and polyhedral combinatorics, the Hirsch conjecture is the statement that the edge-vertex graph of an n-facet polytope in d-dimensional Euclidean space has diameter no more
Ganea conjecture
Ganea's conjecture is a claim in algebraic topology, now disproved. It states that for all , where is the Lusternik–Schnirelmann category of a topological space X, and Sn is the n-dimensional sphere.
Mertens conjecture
In mathematics, the Mertens conjecture is the statement that the Mertens function is bounded by . Although now disproven, it had been shown to imply the Riemann hypothesis. It was conjectured by Thoma
Tait's conjecture
In mathematics, Tait's conjecture states that "Every 3-connected planar cubic graph has a Hamiltonian cycle (along the edges) through all its vertices". It was proposed by P. G. Tait and disproved by
Williamson conjecture
In combinatorial mathematics, specifically in combinatorial design theory and combinatorial matrix theory the Williamson conjecture is that Williamson matrices of order exist for all positive integers
Hilbert's thirteenth problem
Hilbert's thirteenth problem is one of the 23 Hilbert problems set out in a celebrated list compiled in 1900 by David Hilbert. It entails proving whether a solution exists for all 7th-degree equations
Schoen–Yau conjecture
In mathematics, the Schoen–Yau conjecture is a disproved conjecture in hyperbolic geometry, named after the mathematicians Richard Schoen and Shing-Tung Yau. It was inspired by a theorem of Erhard Hei
The Hauptvermutung of geometric topology is a now refuted conjecture asking whether any two triangulations of a triangulable space have subdivisions that are combinatorially equivalent, i.e. the subdi
Markus–Yamabe conjecture
In mathematics, the Markus–Yamabe conjecture is a conjecture on global asymptotic stability. If the Jacobian matrix of a dynamical system at a fixed point is Hurwitz, then the fixed point is asymptoti
Ádám's conjecture
No description available.
Chinese hypothesis
In number theory, the Chinese hypothesis is a disproven conjecture stating that an integer n is prime if and only if it satisfies the condition that is divisible by n—in other words, that an integer n
Euler's sum of powers conjecture
Euler's conjecture is a disproved conjecture in mathematics related to Fermat's Last Theorem. It was proposed by Leonhard Euler in 1769. It states that for all integers n and k greater than 1, if the
Hedetniemi's conjecture
In graph theory, Hedetniemi's conjecture, formulated by in 1966, concerns the connection between graph coloring and the tensor product of graphs. This conjecture states that Here denotes the chromatic
Kalman's conjecture
Kalman's conjecture or Kalman problem is a disproved conjecture on absolute stability of nonlinear control system with one scalar nonlinearity, which belongs to the sector of linear stability. Kalman'
Seifert conjecture
In mathematics, the Seifert conjecture states that every nonsingular, continuous vector field on the 3-sphere has a closed orbit. It is named after Herbert Seifert. In a 1950 paper, Seifert asked if s
Weyl–Berry conjecture
No description available.
Von Neumann conjecture
In mathematics, the von Neumann conjecture stated that a group G is non-amenable if and only if G contains a subgroup that is a free group on two generators. The conjecture was disproved in 1980. In 1
Ragsdale conjecture
The Ragsdale conjecture is a mathematical conjecture that concerns the possible arrangements of real algebraic curves embedded in the projective plane. It was proposed by Virginia Ragsdale in her diss
Kelvin conjecture
No description available.
Connes embedding problem
Connes' embedding problem, formulated by Alain Connes in the 1970s, is a major problem in von Neumann algebra theory. During that time, the problem was reformulated in several different areas of mathe
Keller's conjecture
In geometry, Keller's conjecture is the conjecture that in any tiling of n-dimensional Euclidean space by identical hypercubes, there are two hypercubes that share an entire (n − 1)-dimensional face w
Borsuk's conjecture
The Borsuk problem in geometry, for historical reasons incorrectly called Borsuk's conjecture, is a question in discrete geometry. It is named after Karol Borsuk.
Alon–Saks–Seymour conjecture
No description available.
Pólya conjecture
In number theory, the Pólya conjecture (or Pólya's conjecture) stated that "most" (i.e., 50% or more) of the natural numbers less than any given number have an odd number of prime factors. The conject
Strong cosmic censorship hypothesis
No description available.
Aizerman's conjecture
In nonlinear control, Aizerman's conjecture or Aizerman problem states that a linear system in feedback with a sector nonlinearity would be stable if the linear system is stable for any linear gain of
Ono's inequality
In mathematics, Ono's inequality is a theorem about triangles in the Euclidean plane. In its original form, as conjectured by T. Ono in 1914, the inequality is actually false; however, the statement i