Category: Discrepancy theory

Discrepancy of hypergraphs
Discrepancy of hypergraphs is an area of discrepancy theory.
Agreeable subset
An agreeable subset is a subset of items that is considered, by all people in a certain group, to be at least as good as its complement. Finding a small agreeable subset is a problem in computational
Heilbronn triangle problem
In discrete geometry and discrepancy theory, the Heilbronn triangle problem is a problem of placing points in the plane, avoiding triangles of small area. It is named after Hans Heilbronn, who conject
Beck–Fiala theorem
In mathematics, the Beck–Fiala theorem is a major theorem in discrepancy theory due to József Beck and . Discrepancy is concerned with coloring elements of a ground set such that each set in a certain
Discrepancy theory
In mathematics, discrepancy theory describes the deviation of a situation from the state one would like it to be in. It is also called the theory of irregularities of distribution. This refers to the