Category: Digital rights management circumvention software

viodentia (sometimes written with an uppercase v) is a pseudonym used by the creator of FairUse4WM, a program that removes Microsoft's copy protection technology from Windows Media Video (".WMV") file
DeCSS is one of the first free computer programs capable of decrypting content on a commercially produced DVD video disc. Before the release of DeCSS, open source operating systems (such as BSD and Li
qrpff is a Perl script created by Keith Winstein and Marc Horowitz of the MIT SIPB. It performs DeCSS in six or seven lines. The name itself is an encoding of "decss" in rot-13. The algorithm was rewr
TimeTrax is a software and hardware platform from Time Trax Technologies Corp. which allows audio recording from satellite radio, Internet streaming and traditional radio broadcasts. The company is be
BackupHDDVD is a small computer software utility program available in command line and GUI versions which aids in the decryption of commercial HD DVD discs protected by the Advanced Access Content Sys
SharpMusique was a rewrite in C# of PyMusique (written in Python), both programs were iTunes Music Store clients, allowing songs to be downloaded from the iTunes Music Store without DRM.
QTFairUse is a software application first released in November 2003 by Jon Lech Johansen. It dumps the raw output of a QuickTime AAC stream to a file, which could bypass the digital rights management
No-disc crack
A No-disc crack, No-CD crack or No-DVD crack is an executable file or a special "byte patcher" program which allows a user to circumvent certain Compact Disc and DVD copy protection schemes. They allo
Windows Media DRM
Windows Media DRM or WMDRM, is a Digital Rights Management service for the Windows Media platform. It is designed to provide delivery of audio or video content over an IP network to a PC or other play