Category: Differential systems

System of differential equations
In mathematics, a system of differential equations is a finite set of differential equations. Such a system can be either linear or non-linear. Also, such a system can be either a system of ordinary d
Darboux's theorem
Darboux's theorem is a theorem in the mathematical field of differential geometry and more specifically differential forms, partially generalizing the Frobenius integration theorem. It is a foundation
Integrability conditions for differential systems
In mathematics, certain systems of partial differential equations are usefully formulated, from the point of view of their underlying geometric and algebraic structure, in terms of a system of differe
Frobenius theorem (differential topology)
In mathematics, Frobenius' theorem gives necessary and sufficient conditions for finding a maximal set of independent solutions of an overdetermined system of first-order homogeneous linear partial di
Differential ideal
In the theory of differential forms, a differential ideal I is an algebraic ideal in the ring of smooth differential forms on a smooth manifold, in other words a graded ideal in the sense of ring theo