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Aphex Twin SoundCloud demos
In 2015, Richard D James, who releases music under aliases including Aphex Twin, anonymously uploaded hundreds of demos and unreleased tracks to the music sharing site SoundCloud. James said he releas
Linger in Shadows
Linger in Shadows is a demoscene-project by the Polish demogroup Plastic, released on the PlayStation 3. It was first announced at Breakpoint 2008 in Germany. Linger in Shadows differs in an important
Chaos Theory (demo)
Chaos Theory is a computer demo by Conspiracy released in August 2006 at Assembly. It has been realised by Gergely Szelei, Barna Buza and Zoltán Szabó.
Second Reality
Second Reality (originally titled Unreal ] [ - The 2nd Reality) is an IBM PC compatible demo created by Future Crew. It debuted at the Assembly 1993 demoparty on July 30, 1993, where it was entered in
.detuned is a demoscene project by the German demogroup .theprodukkt (also known as Farbrausch), released on the PlayStation 3. It was initially released on September 17, 2009, in Japan as .detuned: G