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Spaceballs (demogroup)
Spaceballs is an Amiga demogroup from Norway, originally based in the city of Halden. It was formed in 1987, but did not make its first release until 1989. The group has released many demos, including
keWlers is a Finnish demogroup, formed in the early 1990s, originally called Mewlers. After smaller releases such as Tripfish 2 or Another High-Caliber Mechanical Complication, their breakthrough came
Superior Art Creations
Superior Art Creations (SAC) is an underground artscene group which caters primarily to and is well known within the warez scene. SAC members have made, besides ANSI and ASCII art, VGA bitmap graphics
Tristar and Red Sector Incorporated
Tristar and Red Sector Incorporated (TRSI) is a demogroup which formed in 1990. It came about from the longest-running cooperation in scene history. RSI existed from 1985, before being joined by the "
Conspiracy (demogroup)
Conspiracy is a Hungarian demogroup founded in late 2002. Being an amalgamation of various other groups, founding members were members of demogroups , and . Although a relatively new group, Conspiracy
Razor 1911
Razor 1911 (RZR) is a warez and demogroup founded in Norway, 1986. It was the first ever such group to be initially founded exclusively as a demogroup, before moving into warez in 1987. According to t
Farbrausch, or Farb-rausch, is a German group of demomakers who became well known in the demoscene in December 2000 with a 64k intro called "fr-08: .the .product". The demo achieved its small size thr
Andromeda Software Development
Andromeda Software Development (abbreviated ASD) is a Greek demogroup that was formed in 1992. They produced a number of small intros and demos in the mid-1990s for the PC, most notably CounterFactual
Equinox (Atari demogroup)
Equinox is a French demogroup with an active period between the years 1988-2007. Equinox was first an Atari ST demoscene crew, famous for the Pupul intro, an Atari conversion of the Amiga DOC demo. Ti
Phenomena (Amiga demogroup)
Phenomena (PHA) was a Swedish Demogroup making Amiga demos that was productive during the formative years of the Amiga Demoscene founded in 1987.
Melon Dezign
Melon Dezign was an Amiga demoscene group founded in Denmark on October 21, 1991 by (Henrik Lund Mikkelsen) and (Jacob Gorm Hansen). Originally, they were a subgroup of , where they at first exclusive
Moppi Productions
Moppi Productions was a Finnish-based demogroup founded in 1996. It is mainly known for their story-based demos and the demo authoring tool . The demo ix, released in 2003, won a total of three awards
Paradox (warez)
PARADOX (PDX) is a warez–demogroup; an anonymous group of software engineers that devise ways to defeat software and video game licensing protections, a process known as cracking, which is illegal in
Demogroups are teams of demosceners, who make computer based audio-visual works of art known as demos. Demogroups form a subculture collectively known as the demoscene. Groups frequently consist of st
Castor Cracking Group
Castor Cracking Group (CCG) was a demo group from Sweden, and were active on the ZX Spectrum during 1986–88. They were one of the first groups for the ZX Spectrum with their release of Castor Intro ea
Equinox (Amiga demogroup)
Equinox is an Amiga demo group with an active period between the years 1987-1996. The name Equinox was not used from the beginning. In the early days the group were called themselves "The Powerlords",
Fairlight (group)
FairLight (FLT) is a warez and demo group initially involved in the Commodore demoscene, and in cracking to illegally release games for free, since 1987. In addition to the C64, FairLight has also mig
The Exceptions
The Exceptions were a German demo group formed in the 1980s. They were early pioneers writing demos for the Atari ST platform.
Aces of ANSI Art
Aces of ANSI Art (abbreviated as ) was the first group of artists specifically organized for the purposes of creating and distributing ANSI art. The group was founded and operated by two BBS enthusias
Tokyo Dawn Records
Tokyo Dawn Records is an independent record label based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It began in the demoscene of 1997 as one of the first netlabels to promote "opensource music". It relaunched in 2
Kosmic Free Music Foundation
The Kosmic Free Music Foundation (a.k.a. Kosmic, or KFMF) was a worldwide group of computer musicians, artists, and coders focused on the PC demoscene. Most members were from the United States, Canada
The Humble Guys
The Humble Guys (THG) were a cracking group for the IBM PC during the late 1980s founded by two friends known by the pseudonyms Candyman and Fabulous Furlough. The group was also noticed in the demosc
The Lords (demogroup)
The Lords was a Dutch ZX Spectrum group from Roosendaal known as one of the earliest dedicated demogroups. The Lords released several demos for the ZX Spectrum home computer between the years 1986 and
The Judges (demogroup)
The Judges was a Dutch Commodore 64 group from Roosendaal known for being one of the earliest dedicated demogroups. The Judges released several demos for the Commodore 64 home computer between the yea
tAAt (short for tArzAn tuotanto, Finnish for tArzAn productions) is a Finnish humor-based demogroup founded in 1992 which is active in participating and organizing demoscene events. They are recognize
Triton (demogroup)
Triton (TRN) was a demogroup active in the PC demoscene from 1992 to about 1996.
Future Crew
Future Crew was a Finnish demogroup that created PC demos and software, active mostly between 1987 and 1994.