Category: Dagger categories

Dagger symmetric monoidal category
In the mathematical field of category theory, a dagger symmetric monoidal category is a monoidal category that also possesses a dagger structure. That is, this category comes equipped not only with a
Ribbon category
In mathematics, a ribbon category, also called a tortile category, is a particular type of braided monoidal category.
Dagger category
In category theory, a branch of mathematics, a dagger category (also called involutive category or category with involution) is a category equipped with a certain structure called dagger or involution
Category of finite-dimensional Hilbert spaces
In mathematics, the category FdHilb has all finite-dimensional Hilbert spaces for objects and the linear transformations between them as morphisms.
Categorical quantum mechanics
Categorical quantum mechanics is the study of quantum foundations and quantum information using paradigms from mathematics and computer science, notably monoidal category theory. The primitive objects
Dagger compact category
In category theory, a branch of mathematics, dagger compact categories (or dagger compact closed categories) first appeared in 1989 in the work of Sergio Doplicher and John E. Roberts on the reconstru