Category: Curves defined for a triangle

In triangle geometry, an inellipse is an ellipse that touches the three sides of a triangle. The simplest example is the incircle. Further important inellipses are the Steiner inellipse, which touches
Mandart inellipse
In geometry, the Mandart inellipse of a triangle is an ellipse inscribed within the triangle, tangent to its sides at the contact points of its excircles (which are also the vertices of the extouch tr
Thomson cubic
In geometry, the Thomson cubic of a triangle is the locus of centers of circumconics whose normals at the vertices are concurrent.
Steiner inellipse
In geometry, the Steiner inellipse, midpoint inellipse, or midpoint ellipse of a triangle is the unique ellipse inscribed in the triangle and tangent to the sides at their midpoints. It is an example
Steiner ellipse
In geometry, the Steiner ellipse of a triangle, also called the Steiner circumellipse to distinguish it from the Steiner inellipse, is the unique circumellipse (ellipse that touches the triangle at it
Nine-point hyperbola
In plane geometry with triangle ABC, the nine-point hyperbola is an instance of the nine-point conic described by Maxime Bôcher in 1892. The celebrated nine-point circle is a separate instance of Bôch