Category: Complex analysts

Aleksei Ivanovich Markushevich
Aleksei Ivanovich Markushevich (Алексе́й Ива́нович Маркуше́вич, April 2 [O.S. March 20 ] 1908, Petrozavodsk, Olonets Governorate, Russian Empire – June 7, 1979, Moscow, USSR) was a Soviet mathematicia
Leo Sario
Leo Reino Sario (18 May 1916 – 15 August 2009) was a Finnish-born mathematician who worked on complex analysis and Riemann surfaces.
Konrad Knopp
Konrad Hermann Theodor Knopp (22 July 1882 – 20 April 1957) was a German mathematician who worked on generalized limits and complex functions.
Gheorghe Călugăreanu
Gheorghe Călugăreanu (16 June 1902 – 15 November 1976) was a Romanian mathematician, professor at Babeș-Bolyai University, and full member of the Romanian Academy. He was born in Iași, the son of phys
Pierre Dolbeault
Pierre Dolbeault (October 10, 1924 – June 12, 2015) was a French mathematician. Dolbeault studied with Henri Cartan and graduated in 1944 from the École Normale Supérieure. He completed his Ph.D. at t
Hermann Hankel
Hermann Hankel (14 February 1839 – 29 August 1873) was a German mathematician. Having worked on mathematical analysis during his career, he is best known for introducing the Hankel transform and the H
Aldo Andreotti
Aldo Andreotti (15 March 1924 – 21 February 1980) was an Italian mathematician who worked on algebraic geometry, on the theory of functions of several complex variables and on partial differential ope
Frank Forelli
Frank John Forelli, Jr. (8 April 1932, San Diego – 5 September 1994, Madison, Wisconsin) was an American mathematician, specializing in the functional analysis of holomorphic functions. Forelli receiv
Thomas Wolff
Thomas Hartwig Wolff (July 14, 1954, New York City – July 31, 2000, Kern County) was a noted mathematician, working primarily in the fields of harmonic analysis, complex analysis, and partial differen
Luigi Amerio
Luigi Amerio (15 August 1912 – 28 September 2004), was an Italian electrical engineer and mathematician. He is known for his work on almost periodic functions, on Laplace transforms in one and several
Petru Mocanu
Petru T. Mocanu (1 June 1931 – 28 March 2016) was a Romanian mathematician who was elected in 2009 as a titular member of the Romanian Academy. Mocanu was born in Brăila. He studied at the Nicolae Băl
Hans Grauert
Hans Grauert (8 February 1930 in Haren, Emsland, Germany – 4 September 2011) was a German mathematician. He is known for major works on several complex variables, complex manifolds and the application
Gaetano Fichera
Gaetano Fichera (8 February 1922 – 1 June 1996) was an Italian mathematician, working in mathematical analysis, linear elasticity, partial differential equations and several complex variables. He was
Frédéric Marty
Frédéric Ladislas Joseph Marty (23 June 1911 in Albi, Tarn – 14 June 1940, Gulf of Finland) was a French mathematician. Frédéric Marty's father was the mathematician Joseph Marty (1885–1914), who taug
Constantin Carathéodory
Constantin Carathéodory (Greek: Κωνσταντίνος Καραθεοδωρή, romanized: Konstantinos Karatheodori; 13 September 1873 – 2 February 1950) was a Greek mathematician who spent most of his professional career
William Fogg Osgood
William Fogg Osgood (March 10, 1864, Boston – July 22, 1943, Belmont, Massachusetts) was an American mathematician.
Ivan Privalov
Ivan Ivanovich Privalov (Russian: Ива́н Ива́нович Привáлов; 11 February 1891 – 13 July 1941) was a Russian mathematician best known for his work on analytic functions.
Giacinto Morera
Giacinto Morera (18 July 1856 – 8 February 1909), was an Italian engineer and mathematician. He is known for Morera's theorem in the theory of functions of a complex variable and for his work in the t
Clifford John Earle Jr.
Clifford John Earle, Jr. (November 3, 1935 – June 12, 2017) was an American mathematician who specialized in complex variables and Teichmüller spaces.
Ralph P. Boas Jr.
Ralph Philip Boas Jr. (August 8, 1912 – July 25, 1992) was a mathematician, teacher, and journal editor. He wrote over 200 papers, mainly in the fields of real and complex analysis.
Salomon Bochner
Salomon Bochner (20 August 1899 – 2 May 1982) was an Austrian mathematician, known for work in mathematical analysis, probability theory and differential geometry.
James Allister Jenkins
James Allister Jenkins (born 23 September 1923, Toronto, Ontario; – 16 September 2012, Lock Haven, Pennsylvania) was a Canadian–American mathematician, specializing in complex analysis.
Pierre Lelong
Pierre Lelong (14 March 1912 Paris – 12 October 2011) was a French mathematician who introduced the Poincaré–Lelong equation, the Lelong number and the concept of plurisubharmonic functions.
Walter Hayman
Walter Kurt Hayman FRS (6 January 1926 – 1 January 2020) was a British mathematician known for contributions to complex analysis. He was a professor at Imperial College London.
Errett Bishop
Errett Albert Bishop (July 14, 1928 – April 14, 1983) was an American mathematician known for his work on analysis. He expanded constructive analysis in his 1967 Foundations of Constructive Analysis,
Herbert Grötzsch
Camillo Herbert Grötzsch (21 May 1902 – 15 May 1993) was a German mathematician. He was born in Döbeln and died in Halle. Grötzsch worked in graph theory. He was the discoverer and eponym of the Grötz
Lipman Bers
Lipman Bers (Latvian: Lipmans Berss; May 22, 1914 – October 29, 1993) was a Latvian-American mathematician, born in Riga, who created the theory of pseudoanalytic functions and worked on Riemann surfa
Stefan Bergman
Stefan Bergman (5 May 1895 – 6 June 1977) was a Congress Poland-born American mathematician whose primary work was in complex analysis. His name is also written Bergmann; he dropped the second "n" whe
Dimitrie Pompeiu
Dimitrie D. Pompeiu (Romanian: [diˈmitri.e pomˈpeju]; 4 October [O.S. 22 September] 1873 – 8 October 1954) was a Romanian mathematician, professor at the University of Bucharest, titular member of the
Adolph Winkler Goodman
Adolph Winkler Goodman (July 20, 1915 – July 30, 2004) was an American mathematician who contributed to number theory, graph theory and to the theory of univalent functions: The conjecture on the coef
Edoardo Vesentini
Edoardo Vesentini (31 May 1928 – 28 March 2020) was an Italian mathematician and politician who introduced the Andreotti–Vesentini theorem. He was awarded the Caccioppoli Prize in 1962. Vasentini was
Henri Cartan
Henri Paul Cartan (French: [kaʁtɑ̃]; 8 July 1904 – 13 August 2008) was a French mathematician who made substantial contributions to algebraic topology. He was the son of the mathematician Élie Cartan,
Anatolii Goldberg
Anatolii Asirovich Goldberg (Russian: Анатолий Асирович Гольдберг, Ukrainian: Анатолій Асірович Гольдберг, Hebrew: אנטולי גולדברג, April 2, 1930 in Kyiv – October 11, 2008 in Netanya) was a Soviet and
Jean-Pierre Demailly
Jean-Pierre Demailly (25 September 1957 – 17 March 2022) was a French mathematician who worked in complex geometry. He was a professor at Université Grenoble Alpes and a permanent member of the French
Frederick Gehring
Frederick William Gehring (7 August 1925 – 29 May 2012) was an American mathematician who worked in the area of complex analysis (quasi-conformal mappings).
Reinhold Remmert
Reinhold Remmert (22 June 1930 – 9 March 2016) was a German mathematician. Born in Osnabrück, Lower Saxony, he studied mathematics, mathematical logic and physics in Münster. He established and develo
Friedrich Hartogs
Friedrich Moritz "Fritz" Hartogs (20 May 1874 – 18 August 1943) was a German-Jewish mathematician, known for his work on set theory and foundational results on several complex variables.
Raghavan Narasimhan
Raghavan Narasimhan (August 31, 1937 – October 3, 2015) was an Indian mathematician at the University of Chicago who worked on real and complex manifolds and who solved the Levi problem for complex ma
Friedrich Prym
Friedrich Emil Fritz Prym (28 September 1841, Düren – 15 December 1915, Bonn) was a German mathematician who introduced Prym varieties and Prym differentials. Prym completed his Ph.D. at the Universit
Lars Hörmander
Lars Valter Hörmander (24 January 1931 – 25 November 2012) was a Swedish mathematician who has been called "the foremost contributor to the modern theory of linear partial differential equations". Hör
Cabiria Andreian Cazacu
Cabiria Andreian Cazacu (February 19, 1928 – May 22, 2018) was a Romanian mathematician known for her work in complex analysis. She held the chair in mathematical analysis at the University of Buchare
André Bloch (mathematician)
André Bloch (20 November 1893 – 11 October 1948) was a French mathematician who is best remembered for his fundamental contribution to complex analysis. Bloch killed three of his family members, for w
George Pólya
George Pólya (/ˈpoʊljə/; Hungarian: Pólya György, pronounced [ˈpoːjɒ ˈɟørɟ]; December 13, 1887 – September 7, 1985) was a Hungarian mathematician. He was a professor of mathematics from 1914 to 1940 a
Boris Korenblum
Boris Isaac Korenblum (Борис Исаакович Коренблюм, 12 August 1923, Odessa, now Ukraine – 15 December 2011, Slingerlands, New York) was a Soviet-Israeli-American mathematician, specializing in mathemati
Eugenio Elia Levi
Eugenio Elia Levi (18 October 1883 – 28 October 1917) was an Italian mathematician, known for his fundamental contributions in group theory, in the theory of partial differential operators and in the
Hans Lewy
Hans Lewy (20 October 1904 – 23 August 1988) was a Jewish American mathematician, known for his work on partial differential equations and on the theory of functions of several complex variables.
Renato Caccioppoli
Renato Caccioppoli (Italian: [reˈnaːto katˈtʃɔppoli]; 20 January 1904 – 8 May 1959) was an Italian mathematician, known for his contributions to mathematical analysis, including the theory of function
Gösta Mittag-Leffler
Magnus Gustaf "Gösta" Mittag-Leffler (16 March 1846 – 7 July 1927) was a Swedish mathematician. His mathematical contributions are connected chiefly with the theory of functions, which today is called
Francesco Severi
Francesco Severi (13 April 1879 – 8 December 1961) was an Italian mathematician. He was the chair of the committee on Fields Medal on 1936, at the first delivery. Severi was born in Arezzo, Italy. He
Carlo Miranda
Carlo Miranda (15 August 1912 – 28 May 1982) was an Italian mathematician, working on mathematical analysis, theory of elliptic partial differential equations and complex analysis: he is known for giv
George Piranian
George Piranian (Armenian: Գևորգ Փիրանեան; May 2, 1914 – August 31, 2009), was a Swiss-American mathematician of Swiss and Armenian descent. Piranian was internationally known for his research in comp
Maria Adelaide Sneider
Maria Adelaide Sneider (6 December 1937 – 1 May 1989) (also known as Maria Adelaide Sneider Ludovici, her second surname being "Ludovici") was an Italian mathematician working on numerical and mathema
Lars Ahlfors
Lars Valerian Ahlfors (18 April 1907 – 11 October 1996) was a Finnish mathematician, remembered for his work in the field of Riemann surfaces and his text on complex analysis.
Kiyoshi Oka
Kiyoshi Oka (岡 潔, Oka Kiyoshi, April 19, 1901 – March 1, 1978) was a Japanese mathematician who did fundamental work in the theory of several complex variables.
Vasily Vladimirov
Vasily Sergeyevich Vladimirov (Russian: Васи́лий Серге́евич Влади́миров; 9 January 1923 – 3 November 2012) was a Soviet and Russian mathematician working in the fields of number theory, mathematical p
Enzo Martinelli
Enzo Martinelli (11 November 1911 – 27 August 1999) was an Italian mathematician, working in the theory of functions of several complex variables: he is best known for his work on the theory of for ho
Nikolai Andreevich Lebedev
Nikolai Andreevich Lebedev (Russian: Никола́й Андре́евич Ле́бедев; August 8, 1919 – January 8, 1982) was a Soviet mathematician who worked on complex function theory and geometric function theory. Joi
Walter Rudin
Walter Rudin (May 2, 1921 – May 20, 2010) was an Austrian-American mathematician and professor of Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. In addition to his contributions to complex and ha