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Genevac Ltd is a company which was founded in 1990 by Michael Cole. It used to specialize in the manufacture of vacuum pumps and centrifugal evaporators, but has since directed its attention to equipm
Combinatorial chemistry
Combinatorial chemistry comprises chemical synthetic methods that make it possible to prepare a large number (tens to thousands or even millions) of compounds in a single process. These compound libra
DNA-encoded chemical library
DNA-encoded chemical libraries (DEL) is a technology for the synthesis and screening on unprecedented scale of collections of small molecule compounds. DEL is used in medicinal chemistry to bridge the
Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening
Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that covers combinatorial chemistry. It was established in 1998 and is published by Bentham Science Publishers
Structure-based combinatorial protein engineering
Structure-based combinatorial protein engineering (SCOPE) is a synthetic biology technique for creating gene libraries (lineages) of defined composition designed from structural and probabilistic cons
Molecular Diversity
Molecular Diversity is a quarterly peer-reviewed scientific journal published by Springer Science+Business Media covering research on molecular diversity and combinatorial chemistry in basic and appli
Dynamic combinatorial chemistry
Dynamic combinatorial chemistry (DCC); also known as constitutional dynamic chemistry (CDC) is a method to the generation of new molecules formed by reversible reaction of simple building blocks under
ACS Combinatorial Science
ACS Combinatorial Science (usually abbreviated as ACS Comb. Sci.), formerly Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry (1999-2010), was a peer-reviewed scientific journal, published since 1999 by the American
Split and pool synthesis
The split and pool (split-mix) synthesis is a method in combinatorial chemistry that can be used to prepare combinatorial compound libraries. It is a stepwise, highly efficient process realized in rep