Category: Boundary value problems

Elliptic boundary value problem
In mathematics, an elliptic boundary value problem is a special kind of boundary value problem which can be thought of as the stable state of an . For example, the Dirichlet problem for the Laplacian
Shooting method
In numerical analysis, the shooting method is a method for solving a boundary value problem by reducing it to an initial value problem. It involves finding solutions to the initial value problem for d
Double Fourier sphere method
In mathematics, the double Fourier sphere (DFS) method is a simple technique that transforms a function defined on the surface of the sphere to a function defined on a rectangular domain while preserv
Walk-on-spheres method
In mathematics, the walk-on-spheres method (WoS) is a numerical probabilistic algorithm, or Monte-Carlo method, used mainly in order to approximate the solutions of some specific boundary value proble
Sturm–Liouville theory
In mathematics and its applications, classical Sturm–Liouville theory is the theory of real second-order linear ordinary differential equations of the form: for given coefficient functions p(x), q(x),
Stochastic processes and boundary value problems
In mathematics, some boundary value problems can be solved using the methods of stochastic analysis. Perhaps the most celebrated example is Shizuo Kakutani's 1944 solution of the Dirichlet problem for
Cauchy problem
A Cauchy problem in mathematics asks for the solution of a partial differential equation that satisfies certain conditions that are given on a hypersurface in the domain. A Cauchy problem can be an in
Proper generalized decomposition
The proper generalized decomposition (PGD) is an iterative numerical method for solving boundary value problems (BVPs), that is, partial differential equations constrained by a set of boundary conditi
Stefan problem
In mathematics and its applications, particularly to phase transitions in matter, a Stefan problem is a particular kind of boundary value problem for a system of partial differential equations (PDE),
Boundary value problem
In mathematics, in the field of differential equations, a boundary value problem is a differential equation together with a set of additional constraints, called the boundary conditions. A solution to
Free boundary problem
In mathematics, a free boundary problem (FB problem) is a partial differential equation to be solved for both an unknown function and an unknown domain . The segment of the boundary of which is not kn
Dirichlet problem
In mathematics, a Dirichlet problem is the problem of finding a function which solves a specified partial differential equation (PDE) in the interior of a given region that takes prescribed values on
Direct multiple shooting method
In the area of mathematics known as numerical ordinary differential equations, the direct multiple shooting method is a numerical method for the solution of boundary value problems. The method divides