Category: Boundary conditions

Born–von Karman boundary condition
Born–von Karman boundary conditions are periodic boundary conditions which impose the restriction that a wave function must be periodic on a certain Bravais lattice. Named after Max Born and Theodore
Periodic boundary conditions
Periodic boundary conditions (PBCs) are a set of boundary conditions which are often chosen for approximating a large (infinite) system by using a small part called a unit cell. PBCs are often used in
Transversality condition
In optimal control theory, a transversality condition is a boundary condition for the terminal values of the costate variables. They are one of the necessary conditions for optimality infinite-horizon
Boundary value problem
In mathematics, in the field of differential equations, a boundary value problem is a differential equation together with a set of additional constraints, called the boundary conditions. A solution to
Cauchy boundary condition
In mathematics, a Cauchy (French: [koʃi]) boundary condition augments an ordinary differential equation or a partial differential equation with conditions that the solution must satisfy on the boundar
No-slip condition
In fluid dynamics, the no-slip condition for viscous fluids assumes that at a solid boundary, the fluid will have zero velocity relative to the boundary. The fluid velocity at all fluid–solid boundari
Super Virasoro algebra
In mathematical physics, a super Virasoro algebra is an extension of the Virasoro algebra (named after Miguel Ángel Virasoro) to a Lie superalgebra. There are two extensions with particular importance
Perfect thermal contact
Perfect thermal contact of the surface of a solid with the environment (convective heat transfer) or another solid occurs when the temperatures of the mating surfaces are equal.
Interface conditions for electromagnetic fields
Interface conditions describe the behaviour of electromagnetic fields; electric field, electric displacement field, and the magnetic field at the interface of two materials. The differential forms of
Nonradiation condition
Classical nonradiation conditions define the conditions according to classical electromagnetism under which a distribution of accelerating charges will not emit electromagnetic radiation. According to
Mixed boundary condition
In mathematics, a mixed boundary condition for a partial differential equation defines a boundary value problem in which the solution of the given equation is required to satisfy different boundary co
Neumann boundary condition
In mathematics, the Neumann (or second-type) boundary condition is a type of boundary condition, named after Carl Neumann.When imposed on an ordinary or a partial differential equation, the condition
Leontovich boundary condition
The Leontovich boundary condition is a boundary condition in classical electrodynamics that relates to the tangential components of the electric Et and magnetic Ht fields on the surface of well-conduc
Initial value problem
In multivariable calculus, an initial value problem (IVP) is an ordinary differential equation together with an initial condition which specifies the value of the unknown function at a given point in
Dirichlet boundary condition
In the mathematical study of differential equations, the Dirichlet (or first-type) boundary condition is a type of boundary condition, named after Peter Gustav Lejeune Dirichlet (1805–1859). When impo
Helical boundary conditions
In mathematics, helical boundary conditions are a variation on periodic boundary conditions. Helical boundary conditions provide a method for determining the index of a lattice site's neighbours when
Robin boundary condition
In mathematics, the Robin boundary condition (/ˈrɒbɪn/; properly French: [ʁɔbɛ̃]), or third type boundary condition, is a type of boundary condition, named after Victor Gustave Robin (1855–1897). When
Boundary conditions in computational fluid dynamics
Almost every computational fluid dynamics problem is defined under the limits of initial and boundary conditions. When constructing a staggered grid, it is common to implement boundary conditions by a
Boundary conditions in fluid dynamics
Boundary conditions in fluid dynamics are the set of constraints to boundary value problems in computational fluid dynamics. These boundary conditions include inlet boundary conditions, outlet boundar
Sommerfeld radiation condition
In mathematics, the Sommerfeld radiation condition is a concept from theory of differential equations and scattering theory used for choosing a particular solution to the Helmholtz equation. It was in