Category: Borate chlorides

Karlite (kar'-lite) is a silky white to light green orthorhombic borate mineral, not to be confused with tremolite-actinolite. It has a general formula of Mg7(BO3)3(OH)4Cl. Karlite is named in honor o
Hilgardite is a borate mineral with the chemical formula Ca2B5O9Cl·H2O. It is transparent and has vitreous luster. It is colorless to light pink with a white streak. It is rated 5 on the Mohs Scale. I
Boracite is a magnesium borate mineral with formula: Mg3B7O13Cl. It occurs as blue green, colorless, gray, yellow to white crystals in the orthorhombic - pyramidal crystal system. Boracite also shows
Chambersite is a manganese borate mineral with formula Mn3B7O13Cl. It is a member of the borate mineral series that includes other minerals such as (Fe3B7O13Cl) and boracite (Mg3B7O13Cl). When chamber
Borate chloride
The borate chlorides are chemical compounds that contain both borate ions and chloride ions. They are mixed anion compounds. Many of them are minerals. Those minerals that crystallise with water (hydr