Category: Blockmodeling

Blockmodeling is a set or a coherent framework, that is used for analyzing social structure and also for setting procedure(s) for partitioning (clustering) social network's units (nodes, vertices, act
Generalized blockmodeling of valued networks
Generalized blockmodeling of valued networks is an approach of the generalized blockmodeling, dealing with (e.g., non–). While the generalized blockmodeling signifies a "formal and integrated approach
Homogeneity blockmodeling
In mathematics applied to analysis of social structures, homogeneity blockmodeling is an approach in blockmodeling, which is best suited for a preliminary or main approach to , when a prior knowledge
Deterministic blockmodeling
Deterministic blockmodeling is an approach in blockmodeling that does not assume a probabilistic model, and instead relies on the exact or approximate algorithms, which are used to find blockmodel(s).
Generalized blockmodeling
In generalized blockmodeling, the blockmodeling is done by "the translation of an equivalence type into a set of permitted block types", which differs from the , which is using the indirect approach.
Blockmodel (sometimes also block model) in blockmodeling (part of network science) is defined as a multitude of structures, which are obtained with: * identification of all vertices (e.g., units, nod
Blockmodeling linked networks
Blockmodeling linked networks is an approach in blockmodeling in analysing the linked networks. Such approach is based on the generalized approach. The main objective of this approach is to achieve cl
Implicit blockmodeling
Implicit blockmodeling is an approach in blockmodeling, similar to a valued and homogeneity blockmodeling, where initially an additional normalization is used and then while specifying the parameter o
Exploratory blockmodeling
Exploratory blockmodeling is an (inductive) approach (or a group of approaches) in blockmodeling regarding the specification of an ideal blockmodel. This approach, also known as hypotheses-generating,
Confirmatory blockmodeling
Confirmatory blockmodeling is a deductive approach in blockmodeling, where a blockmodel (or part of it) is prespecify before the analysis, and then the analysis is fit to this model. When only a part
Generalized blockmodeling of binary networks
Generalized blockmodeling of binary networks (also relational blockmodeling) is an approach of generalized blockmodeling, analysing the (s). As most network analyses deal with binary networks, this ap